African Union Day In Ghana

| May 28, 2013

After eating an amazing dinner at Fort Royale, we began our next adventure the following morning at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. Every Friday for approximately 6 years, Albert, (the amazing one and only speech therapist in Kumasi) travels on an overnight bus to get to Accra and returns to Kumasi when his day is finished. Today at the hospital, we saw a variety of different clients regarding speech, language, and hearing. One of the many interesting clients we saw was a 9 year old boy who recently had bilateral vocal fold nodules removed two weeks ago. His mother expressed concerns that he doesn’t drink enough water and sometimes screams and shouts when playing with his friends. Our group thought it would be appropriate to create a social story. A social story is a way to describe a situation and positively promote communication. Together, we created a social story which describes what happens when he screams and shouts too much (his throat hurts, gets hoarse, and thus, his friends can’t hear him). Since he was an AHHHMAZING artist, he was the illustrator of his social story. It was great that he played an integral role when creating his social story. Hopefully, this will motivate him to read it everyday.

Since day was African Union Day (waho!), George (our brilliant tour guide), spoke to us about the Ghanian flag and what it represents. It was interesting to learn that Ghana is known as the “Gold Coast” due to the rich amount of gold found in the land. The red color of the flag represents the blood shed by Ghana’s forefathers, the green represents the vegetation of the land, the yellow represents gold, and the black star symbolizes the African American people of Ghana and the forerunners of Africa.  Soon after that, we arrived at The Artists Alliance Gallery. We saw incredible pieces of art while overlooking the coast. The breeze coming from the ocean in addition to the amazing art was a very calming experience. We ended the day by going to a market where we saw sculptures and jewelry.  Until next time, ciao!