Regina’s Unit School

| May 30, 2013

During breakfast, Dr. Crowley told us that at 7 AM on GTV, they featured the communication passport video that Kwasi, a journalist from the network, recorded during our visit at the Autism Awareness Care and Training Center. This was so exciting! Tomorrow, Dr. Crowley and Ebony will  be interviewed and featured on national TV.

When we arrived at Korle Bu hospital some of us  headed to the Children’s Ward. There we played, read, colored, and interacted with the children who had bandages on different parts of their bodies due to burns and other complications to cheer them up. A 3-year old child named Janice was coloring a picture with her bandaged hand and identified each color of crayon she used. We noticed that she produced /s/ as /θ/ so we practiced producing /s/ by telling her to “trap the snake in the cage,” meaning keep her tongue behind her teeth to produce the sound. The patient from yesterday’s cleft palate operation was also there. She seemed to be doing well; she had an IV but her parents were giving her water orally, which was a good sign that she was recovering well.

The other half of the group went to the Hearing Assessment Center. There we met with Jemimah who gave us a tour of the center. We learned about the equipment used to test hearing in both adults and children. She explained Auditory Brainstem Response Testing, which measures the child’s hearing nerves  response to sounds after referring on a hearing screening.  Prior to leaving the clinic we observed a client getting fitted for his first hearing aid. He was a 72 year old retired driver who had a moderate to severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss in the left ear and a severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss in his right ear. Due to the cost of the hearing aid, he could only afford one, which was placed on his left ear. The audiologist provided the patient and his caregiver with directions on how to use and care for the hearing aid.

Next we traveled to Dansoman ‘S’ Unit School for Special Needs Children where we met Regina the head teacher of the special needs class at the school. We met and played with the children before watching them perform their daily routines, poems, songs and dance. It was touching to see the bond that the children shared with each other especially after they provided an appropriate response. We then had a professional development session with the general education and special education teachers. We taught them how to use the same tools that we used at Belinda’s school, the calendar, visual math display, and the big book. The teachers also taught us interactive songs which they use in their classroom with their students. It was fun learning the songs and they seemed engaging for the children.

After taking pictures with Regina we toured Accra to look at the affluent neighborhoods and the shopping strip where tourists go. Later, we went to a nice restaurant by the beach, reflected on our day and prepared for our tv exclusive!!!

We’re ready for our closeup!